Hosts & Sponsors

Chef Gerry Klaskala  •  Chef Kevin Rathbun
Mary Williams  •  Nan Street

Tom Abrams  •  Vicky Abrahamsson
Meg Arnold Kaley and Farshid Arshid
Kasey Asarch  •  Lara Balser
Louisa Basarrate  •  Sheree and Sean Boyd
Hal Brody and Don Smith  •  Jeff Carrico
Indy Soos Cesari  •  Jennifer Curtin
Kelly Dennis  •  Barbarella Diaz
Sally Dorsey and Herb Miller
Johanna Ellis Reisinger
Adrienne Everett  •  Rodrick Glass
Sally Hawn  •  Lisa and Rick Jackson
Stewart Little  •  Evelyn Mims
Molly Osborne  •  Nancy Rollins
Scott Strumlauf and Pamela Cicilian
Todd Tautfest  •  Brock Tekin
Carmen and Bob Titelman  •  Jennifer Waddy
Butch Whitfield and Michael Lambert
Teri and John Xerogeanes  •  Tricky Stewart

2018 Sponsors
Executive Chef, $50,000

Chef de Cuisine, $25,000
Sous Chef, $15,000


Nicole and Chris Carlos

Saucier, $10,000

Helen and Jimmy Carlos

Patissier, $5,000

Hal Brody and Don Smith

Johanna Ellis Reisinger

Lisa and Rick Jackson

Lisa Slay Street Foundation

Nan and Phillip Street

Sally and Mark Hawn

Potager, $2,500

Event Sponsors

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