Hosts & Sponsors

Chef Gerry Klaskala  •  Chef Kevin Rathbun
Nan Street  •  Carmen Titelman

Tom Abrams  •  Vicky Abrahamsson
Kaley and Farshid Arshid
Louisa Basarrate  •  Cromwell Baun
Michele Boushka  •  Hal Brody and Don Smith
Jeff Carrico  •  Caroline Conway
Kelly Dennis  •  Barbarella Diaz
Doug Duncan and Brittany Padgett
Dan Foley  •  Su Ghosh
Rodrick Glass  •  Marian Goldberg
Julie and Paul Hagedorn  •  Lisa and Rick Jackson
Charles Mendez  •  Molly Osborne
Johanna Reisinger  •  Nancy Rollins
Scott Strumlauf and Pamela Cicilian
Todd Tautfest  •  Christen Watson
Butch Whitfield and Michael Lambert
Teri and John Xerogeanes

2019 Sponsors
Executive Chef, $50,000

Saucier, $10,000

Helen and Jimmy Carlos

Nan and Phillip Street

Patissier, $5,000

Suzanne E. Mott Dansby

Johanna Ellis Reisinger

Katherine Scott

Carmen and Bob Titelman

Potager, $2,500

Diaz Foods

Debra Carlton

Pamela Chawkin

Louis Grabowski

Julie and Paul Hagedorn

Shirley Powell

Nick and Carrie Telesca

Event Sponsors

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